Why Soaps have to be Dirty?

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Why Soaps have to be Dirty?

Post by vedaessence on Thu Jan 05, 2017 12:56 pm

Ain’t the true definition of a soap is to clean and keep us healthy? Think about what your daily bar of soap is doing to you, your skin and the environment. Soaps are nothing but chemicals infused cleaning agents, sure they are good to clean dirt and grime but also leave a damaged skin and a long lasting chemical footprint. We tend to clean ourselves everyday and then wonder why we feel dry, itchy and rashy soon after the bath. Then we go about chasing all possible moisturizing, skin healing solutions to settle post bath problems.

Where it’s all starting from – Isn’t your regular soap with all the high marketing claims of refreshing, soothing, moisturizing skin should do as told to us. #ThinkAgain

Why we being so educated and intellectually aware about chemicals impacting us, our family and the environment yet taking a daily dose of Sulphates and Parabens. #ThinkAgain

We want the best of everything and yet missing out the most essential of our daily skin care #ThinkAgain

Giving away thousands to salons and such skin repair shops but missing out on the most integral element of your personal care #ThinkAgain

How do people used to nurture themselves and yet stay environmentally healthy and beautiful in ancient times? #ThinkAgain

ayurVEDA has been the answer to personal wellbeing for centuries and that is what our endeavour should be. India’s rich heritage represented by Ayurveda and its pure, herbal, organic benefits lost its sheen and got overshadowed by today’s manufactured products. These big FMCG corporates with celebrity endorsements with purely one and only goal to push their bottom line, they care least about the consumer and have all the marketing tact to make you believe in the product and not to turn overleaf to see what’s going in.  

Everybody understands Ayurveda in its essence and the holistic benefits it brings to our body and the environment. But it isn’t one size fit all and pretty complex to decipher what’s suited to your age, skin and body. Most importantly Ayurveda doesn’t have to be a privilege of the rich, it was meant for the common household and needs to go back where it belongs to – Everyone’s daily life

Veda Essence is built upon pure ideologies of Ayurveda and aim to bring together the best from Mother Nature from across the globe. Our products are consciously curated to not only nurture your skin but to invigorate the five senses and offering a holistic experience. Handpicked essential and aromatic oils blended for specific skin types or conditions leaving you with a variety to choose from. So let your skin breath and live healthy and so do you.

You deserve the best, Take care.


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