Parenting and Motherhood !

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Parenting and Motherhood !

Post by vedaessence on Mon Jan 09, 2017 1:10 pm

It’s no secret to anyone how revered motherhood is and that it changes everything. And it has a big impact on us women majorly not just because of the multiple changes in body, going from size zero to plus size, switching from party gears to diaper and food stocking agendas but also holistically as well. Right from first day we discover that we are housing a new life, our maternal instinct dawns upon us propelling our otherwise careless attitude out of our systems making us wary of everything that we consume, apply and use on a daily basis.

Right from the nutrition charts being drawn up to a list of dos and don't , pregnant women regulate themselves or are guided by their mothers or elders in the family. Off course It's no kidding that to nourish a new life one has to eat and drink just right and kick out all the junk from life.

But have you mothers or to be mothers ever paused and thought that is eating and drinking right enough to ensure a healthy and a natural environment for your baby? #ThinkAgain!!

Are you sure you are using the right products in your daily cleansing and nourishing routine that is #SAFE for the baby and you? #ThinkAgain!!

Do you ever flip the Soap or Daily wash to see what goes in it? #ThinkAgain!!

The truth is even though we might be cautious about our nutritional needs and try to cut out any processed or cold storage foods but we miss out on the biggest area where we become ignorant and go wrong. Yes that is #SkinCare, Majority of us are lured by the high claims and promises of major commercial brands who market themselves on the premise of fake advertisements and made up end results.

Do you know majority cosmetic and skin care products contain toxic, harmful and carcinogenic chemicals? ThinkAgain!!

There have been numerous cases where such manufacturers have been sued by the government for using cancerous ingredients that too in baby products.

Then Why are we being ignorant and just following the herd. When we spend thousands to ensure we as mothers and our babies get best nutrition why do we not ensure healthy natural skin care for them? #ThinkAgain

It's about time we bring a change in our thinking and ensure inside out health and nutrition for us and our families. Let's go back to ancient times when our ancestors lived a perfect healthy life and when there was no interference of the chemically led commercial skin and body care in our lives.

Why mothers b ack in the days used to bathe their babies and kids in milk, Turmeric, Rose and Almond and Curd and Gram Flour. #ThinkAgain #AyurVeda

Because such is the power of nature and anything that gets produced in nature - to cleanse, nourish, cherish and care about your skin.

Why do you a Mother want to use something that's lab created vs something Nature created? #ThinkAgain #AyurVeda

A lot of people might say its the need of the hour and existing super busy lifestyle where everything is timed Who would fish out such ingredients and make natural pastes and apply on self or their babies. Well, Ayurveda and Going Natural doesn't have to be that cumbersome and non functional anymore.

How will you feel if you get all the natural goodness in one bar or a bottle or a jar - something you can carry with you and use anywhere ?? #Thinkagain

Yes that is possible with Veda - your one source of REAL NATURAL and ORGANIC Goodness. Stay Tuned for More


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